Ikhtisar Rumus-Rumus Bahasa Inggris (Part- 1)

Sebagai bahan persiapan UAN, aku posting beberapa ikhtisar rumus bahasa Inggris yang aku rangkum dari berbagai sumber.


Requesting, Invitation, Accepting

Expression of Request (Permohonan)

Would you + infinitive ……….. please?

Ex : Would you give the letter to the book?

Could you + infinitive ………… please?

Ex : Could you write your name please ?

Can you + infinitive …… please?

Ex : Can you lend me someone please?

Invitation (Ajakan)

Would/ Could you + infinitive …… ?

Ex : Would you spend the night with us here

Would you like to + infinitive ….. ?

Ex : Would you like to have dinner with me ?

Accepting ( Menerima)

Thank You, I’d love it

That would be wonderful

Yes, thank you

Sound great


All right


Refusing and Introduction

Refusing ( Menolak)

I’m awfully sorry, but …..

I wis I could but ….

I’really like to but ….

Sorry I’ve already …..

Introduction (Perkenalan)

Self Introduction

(Perkenalan diri sendiri)

– Hello, I’m Friska, how do you do?

Response : How do you do? I’m Santi

– Hello my name is Tasya

Response : Pleased to meet you

– Hi, I’m Topan

Response : I’m Ocha

Hi, I’m Andi nice to see You

Response : I’m Firman, nice to see you too

Inroduction someone ( memperkenalkan seseorang )

Introducer ( Yang memperkenalkan)

I’d like to introduce Ilham Saputra

I’d like you to meet Sella Artamevia

I’ d like to introduce …

This is Bagaskara

Response A

How do you do ?

Response B

How do you do ?

Response A

Glad to meet you

Response B

Glad to meet you too

Response A

Nice to meet you

Response B

Nice to meet you too

Response A

Pleased to meet you

Response B

Pleased to meet you too

Response A


Response B


Saying and Replaying Thanks

(Mengucapkan dan menjawab ucapan terima kasih)

Saying Thanks

Thank you very much for coming here

Response : You’re quite welcome

Thank you so much for helping me

Response : Don’t mention it

That was nice of you

Response : You’re welcome


Response : Don’nt worry about it

Thank’s a million

Response : forget it


(Permohonan maaf)

Oh Sorry!

Response : It’s OK

Sorry about that

Response : No problem

I would like to apologize for + Verb +ing

Response : You don’t need to apologize

Please accept my apologies for …

Response : I understand completely


Asking and Giving Opinions

Asking and giving Opinions

You can ask other people’s opinions using think of or think about

Ex :    What do you think of traditional musical instrument?

They are Great

How to give opinion :

Subject + verb + Object

Subject + to be + adjective

Expressing Agreement and Disagreement

When you ask your friend’s or some one opinion, you say :

How you feel about this ?

Any, comments?

So, what do yoou think about this?

Do you have any ideas on this?

When you want to express your idea you say :

I think ….

I feel sure that ….

I don’t think that ….

in my opinion …..

I believe ….

My view is that ….

The Response

When you agree (agreeing), you say ….

I agree completely

I think I agree

I suppose that’s true


When you don’t agree (disagreeing), it is better to start

True but ….

I don’t agree

Yes but…

I dislike

Do tou think so ? I thought ….


Expressing Like and Dislike

A. Like/ Likes

I’m very pleased whit it …

That is good news

I really enjoy …. (verb+ing)

I’m very keen on …. (verb+ing)

B. Dislike/s

it is very unpleasant

I dislike it

I hate that

I am not keen on it

I am very annoyed


1. Prefer + (Verb +ing) / Noun + to + (Verb +ing)


I prefer playing the guitar to listening to the radio

Ratna prefers water colors to crayons when she draws pictures

2. Like + (Verb +ing) / Noun + better than + + (Verb +ing) / Noun


The boys like playing footbal better than watching TV


Expressing Pleasure

Expressing Pleasure


Great ! That’s great

Formal : I’m delighted to her that ….


Fantastic! That fantastic

Formal : if Gives me great pleasure….


I’m really delighted to hear that

That’s good!

That’s wonderful!

Expression Admiration or Excitement, We use Interjection?Exclamation

(Untuk Menyatakan Kekaguman Kita Menggunakan Kalimat Seru)

1. What + Adjective + Noun + Subject + predicate

Ex :

What a wonderful temple it is !

( Alangkah menakjubkannya candi ini !)

2. How + Adjective + Subject + predicate

Ex :

How beautiful the garden is

( Alangkah indahnya kebun itu )

Itu dulu yah…soalnya aku mesti nyiapin diri buat try out……met belajar !


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